This is the route I take when I need a break, and a little exercise.

It starts following the railway tracks adjacent to my apartment block, on which long coal trains travel twice a day destined for the power station whose chimney is a landmark for the area. Halfway along there is an impromptu crossing point where gaps have been knocked in the walls either side of the tracks, making a shortcut for the commuters to and from Sihui subway station (at this point there is a very good fruit stall and a very stinky tofu vendor) (bad luck if you want to cross the lines when a train is coming—did I say they're long?).

Once under the elevated 4th Ring, you cross and turn left to follow the road round to where a stream vanishes under the Sihui Bridge. Follow this stream, with its fountains evoking some kind of magical water palace (evenings only) (and which might be warm water runoff from the power station as you get waves of hot air hitting you as you walk along here), all the way to Shin Kong Place, taking care of the crazed paving which lacks any sure footing.

Once at Shin Kong find whatever takes your fancy, and then retrace route.


这条路线从可一直延伸到我的公寓大楼附近的铁路开始。每天有两趟很长的运煤火车经过,开往拥有这个地区地标性烟囱的发电站。半路上,铁路一边已有很多裂缝的墙上出现了原本不存在的"断墙", 成为进出四惠地铁站的乘客的捷径(在这个地方有一个很好的水果摊和一个臭豆腐摊)(如果当你想穿过铁路时火车正开过来那样就不走运,我不是说过它们很长吗?)



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railways and water
submitted by ES, 41 year old male writer
20 min, by foot, four times a week
Beginning: power Station chimney in distance.

Looking back at the crossing point across the tracks.

The tracks.

Under the 4th Ring, where the tracks cross the road.

The stream and fountains, take the path following the stream just visible to the left of the railings.

Where the stream disappears, to continue its route hidden under Sihui Bridge.

Bad paving, take care!

A round building.